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Why Shred

Businesses have a professional responsibility to maintain an accurate information filing system; however, the retention of unnecessary documents can prove fatal. When customers work with companies, there is an expectation that the company has processes and procedures in place to ensure the safety of the customer. An on-going practice of regular document destruction reduces the storage of files and eliminates the suggestion of selective file destruction in the case of litigation or investigation. 

Corporations not only put processes in place to protect their customers’ information, but to also avoid competitors gaining access to confidential material. Implementing document destruction measures help to ensure that private documents don’t fall into the hands of others in your marketplace.

Mobile document destruction eliminates the noise, cost and inconvenience of in-house shredders.  Because employees usually have a lot of responsibilities to accomplish each day, they postpone the task of document shredding, thereby jeopardizing in-house security procedures for document destruction. On-site, mobile shredding is the most secure and cost-effective method of destroying confidential information.