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The Process

Step 1: Confidentiality Agreement

One of our bonded and insured employees will sign and deliver a copy of our Confidentiality Agreement which explains our document destruction services; this is for your protection and should be kept with your files. A service schedule with your regular service dates will be delivered for your convenience.

Step 2: Security Container Delivered

We will deliver a security container of your preference to your office and set it up where directed. Keys to the container will be delivered unless we are instructed otherwise.

Step 3: Paper Collected

Your employees will fill the container with confidential material records.

Step 4: Materials Destroyed

On your scheduled service date, one of our mobile shredding trucks will arrive at your office. The security container will be emptied into one of our rolling security carts and the contents will be taken to our truck and destroyed on-site.

Step 5: Certificate of Destruction

Unless other billing arrangements are setup, an invoice and a Certificate of Destruction will be sent to your address of record the next business day.

Step 6: Shredded Material Recycled

The shredded material is later delivered to our secure recycling warehouse for baling and shipping to our buyers.