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Paper is one of the easiest materials to recycle. Paper recycling is increasing at an encouraging rate, yet businesses still have a ways to go. Office paper recycling is now up to 36 percent of total use and newspaper recycling is up to 46 percent.

Once the paper is received at our recycling plant, it is sorted, graded and delivered to a paper mill. At the paper mill it is added to water and then turned into pulp. The paper is then screened, cleaned and de-inked through a number of processes until it is ready to be made into new paper products such as newsprint, cardboard, packaging, tissue and office items.

Types of paper we accept - 

  • White Paper
  • Colored Paper
  • Coated Paper
  • Junk Mail
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Envelopes
  • Brochures
  • Blue Prints
  • Post-it Notes
  • Manila Folders
  • Cardboard
Papers being baled for recycling shredding